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Tried all the traditional ways of finding a date but still lucked out? We have a few tips on how to score that last-minute look what i found Valentine’s for Jewish singles. « I thought the Internet would be the future, so I wanted to transition the chat lines, the dating telephone lines, to the Internet. » To boost traffic, Jewcier posts blogs, allows singles to interact with the site, and is using Facebook and Twitter to get the word out. Niche sites have proliferated in recent years, with lifestyle-oriented sites like for vegetarians and for pet lovers. Overall, the industry generated $2.1 billion last year, and is targeted to grow 7.5 percent this year, according to a study released last month by

  • Overall, the industry generated $2.1 billion last year, and is targeted to grow 7.5 percent this year, according to a study released last month by
  • You can send email and instant messages as well as chat with your friends in chat rooms.
  • Among Avalanche’s largest sites are, launched on Valentine’s Day in 1997;, which Avalanche bought in 2005, and, a Latin dating site also launched in 2005, which has more than 20,000 members in Florida alone.
  • It allows you to send anonymous messages, too, in case you’re interested in some flirting.

We caught up with the chief executive officer of a string of US dating affiliate websites, Meir Strahlberg, to discuss industry changes, fraudulent traffic and the ‘lucrative’ UK market. However, the lack of any real features and the minimal member activity makes it difficult to find anyone to live chat with.

We are very flexible and allow affiliates to use creative, customised methods of marketing our offers, as long as we approve it to ensure that it meets legal guidelines. Just last month the CEO of Avalanche LLC, announced that the Miami-based firm had consolidated more than 20 of its affiliate websites and had re-launched as one single entity. Jewcier, which is now open to the public, joins nearly 20 other general and niche dating sites owned and operated by Avalanche, co-founded by Strahlberg and his Toronto-based business partner Kris Covino in 1997.

Well, we’ll have to assume that, if you’re still reading, then you don’t mind using a more mainstream dating site. After all there are still plenty of Jewish members using Match Maker. There are a couple of features which add some personality to the site, as well as providing a useful tool for helping to gain an idea as to whether or not someone will tick all your boxes. In particular, we liked the little “match” icon which is used to show if there’s a “match” (get it?) between you and another member. This might be a hobby or interest, religious belief or simply a favourite cuisine.

After he was fired for falling asleep on the job , he got into the telephone dating business, operating in 30 countries. « Online dating is not just for what I used to call the dating-challenged – the computer geek, the shy boy, » said Los Angeles-based online dating expert Julie Spira. Avalanche’s domain names are words people naturally type into the Internet, so they don’t have to spend a lot in marketing, Internet dating experts say. Jewcier might not really be a dating site in itself but its secret identity,, does have an impressive roster of members. If you’re looking for a dating site which really engages with the Jewish community then go elsewhere, but this isn’t a bad option if you’re looking to meet a variety of people, some of whom are Jewish.

There are many opportunities during the lifetime that people are simply not using, for different reasons, whether they are too stubborn, or they are considering their selves too smart and think they know everything. Well the reasons are different but the main thing is working upon the relationship. While joining for free you will get a 100% free membership, you will get the access to thousands of profiles and photos, you will find your perfect match by email, and you will have a chance for secure online dating. With the rising popularity of mobile phones, many people use online dating services solely on their smartphone.

Q: Can you share any interesting case study stats from any of your sites?

Profile creation, email matches, and reading messages are always free, but members can always upgrade their account to enjoy all the features of Jspace Dating. also works to provide the best Jewish events around the world, so that Jewish dating users on Jspace daters can effortlessly take their online relationships offline. Affiliate Program

So I placed a profile on and only in a few weeks I read a letter that made me feel butterflies in my stomach. I met Deny, in three weeks after we began communicating, and the meeting was even better than chatting. After our dinner, he brought me home, and as soon as his car left I was already incredibly missing me. He proposed me after one month of dating, and I was so happy that couldn’t hold me from jumping, laughing and at the same time crying. So girls I wish to all of you to have same luck as I had due to

They learn all about the story of her life from the culinary arts to her love of cosplay. The only condition under which a person is able to join this community is being older than 18 years old. Another plus is that the privacy and security of the members are maintained on the highest possible level. Since there’s as much of a chance of a celebrity popping in for Seder as Elijah showing up, Jewcier members went all out in naming a whole variety of household names of the Jewish persuasion.

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The internet has really broken down geographic boundaries and borders. The new site rebrands Jspace Dating, with easy-to-use features including daily matches, messaging, and personalized search capabilities to help Jewish daters find their soulmate, their beshert.

And, as the world would have it, V-Day falls on Friday night this year. So take a peek over the divider, and find a suitable Valentine’s date. « They’re well respected within the industry for being savvy operators, » said Mark Brooks, an online dating industry analyst and editor of Online dating has brought romance to millions of men and women. And now, a new website for Jewish singles,, operated by Miami Beach-based Avalanche, is geared to help even more people find love through the Internet. As a free member you won’t be able to do much other than search for profiles and check a few out. Paying members can do both and they also get a few additional features which add little to the site overall but might improve your chances of getting a date and stopping the annoyance of browsing with ads .

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